An Evening of Chamber Music - Tyler Loftis Studio - May 25 2024 7:00PM
AllArtWorks Foundation NYC Launch 5/11/2024
NYC WPB 2024
Modern Portraits: A Family Legacy - Recent Paintings by Tyler Loftis - Saturday March 23 6pm-9pm
Second Ave Arts - 15 - Art by Paul Resika and Tyler Loftis - Saturday March 16th 2024 6pm-9pm
Second Ave Arts Transitory Paper 1/20/2024 - 2/3/2024
The Coleman Collection Opening Reception
Tyler Loftis Studio Holiday Party
Tyler Loftis Studio Supper Club
Second Ave Arts presents D15
Second Ave Arts presents 20th and 21st Century Art
Second Ave Arts presents Daniel Roberts Gathering Currents
A special performance by Kevin Zhu at Tyler Loftis Studio - May 27
Paisanos - Dov Talpaz and Chris Protas
Love and Other Matters
Tyler Loftis Studio - Opening Party
Spirit - A Group Show
6 Artists
Prince Reimagined - June 25th 2019

Dov Talpaz and Mariangela Fremura - Stories From The Heart - Saturday April 27th 2019 6-8 pm
Portraits For Purpose

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Translations - Saturday June 2nd 2018
Preview Show 4-13-2018
Wintertime cocktails at the studio of Tyler Loftis
Tyler Loftis, Lauren Gabrielson-Morse, Christo Morse - 357 W 16th street - Friday November 10, 7 to 9pm
Collectors Show 2017 -

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GR Mag




Grand Rapids Press

Fox 17

Fox 17


Fox 17


Tyler Loftis - 75 Main - Friday August 4, 4:30 to 6:30pm

In his Tribeca, Manhattan studio, Tyler Loftis paints drummer Jojo Mayer, who has played with Nina Simone and Dizzy Gillespie and now travels the world with his band Nerve.

Chefs Club - artist reception - Thursday June 29, 5:30 to 7:30
Tyler Loftis - Ten Paintings - Thursday April 13, 7 to 9 PM
Divani - Fine Arts and Wine - Tuesday March 21, 6 to 9 PM

2AA represents works by artists Janice Biala, Nell Blaine, Christian Calabro, Eugene Delacroix, Robert DeNiro Sr, Lois Dodd, Arthur Dove, Jason Eisner, Mariangela Fremura, Hans Hoffman, Tyler Loftis, Alex Katz, Louisa Matthiasdottir, Tatyana Murray, Philip Pearlstein, Fairfield Porter, Chris Protas, Paul Resika, Gerhard Richter, Dov Talpaz, and Cristina Vergano.

Collectors Show Spring 2017 Collectors Show Spring 2017

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Current Painting at Box Gallery February 9 - March 8

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Painting In New York - Leigh Morse Fine Arts
Tyler Loftis at Omar's
Painting In New York December 8, 2017

Press Release

2AA represents works from artists Lennart Anderson, Rick Beerhorst, Adam Dahlstrom, Edwin Dickinson, Arthur Dove, Jane Freilicher, Kurt Knobelsdorf, Robert Kulicke, Tim Kurtz, Doris Lee, Stanley Lewis, Tyler Loftis, Janice Nowinski, Philip Pearlstein, Fairfield Porter, Chris Protas, Aref Riaz Rahman, Eleanor Ray, Paul Resika, Giordanne Salley, Dov Talpaz

Collector's Show Fall Collector's Show Fall




Morning Show with Shelley Irwin - NPR

Armory Show

2AA represents works from artists Yuval Bar-el, Rosemarie Beck, Rick Beerhorst, Leland Bell, Todd Bienvenue, Robert DeNiro Sr, Arthur Dove, Mariangela Fremura, Martha Hayden, Jeremy Hutchins, Tyler Loftis, Lynette Lombard, Louisa Matthiasdottir, Jesse McCloskey, Janice Nowinski, Chris Protas, Paul Resika, Rob Servo, Kyle Staver, Dov Talpaz, Bob Thompson, Jeannie Weissglass, Megan Williamson

Collector's Show Spring Tyler Loftis with the Robert DeNiro Sr. painting 'Blue & Yellow Interior'

Tyler Loftis, New York based artist and creator of the Collectors Show, seen here with the Robert DeNiro Sr painting 'Blue & Yellow Interior' that he arranged to be in the show.



Morning Show with Shelley Irwin - NPR



Celebrating West Michigan Painters

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Pop Up Christmas Art Sale at The Amway Grand

Collector's Show

Grand Rapids, MI

2AA represents work from NYC artists: Lennart Anderson, Mariangela Fremura, Tyler Loftis, Paul Resika, Kyle Staver, Dov Talpaz

Collector's Show

Tyler Loftis: Recent Paintings

May 7-June 6, 2015

Tyler Loftis - Recent Paintings

Wed-Sat Noon-6pm
Leigh Morse Fine Arts
22 E. 80 #5
New York, NY
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American Painting

New York Cityscapes - By Mariangela Fremura and Tyler Loftis

New York Cityscapes - By Mariangela Fremura and Tyler Loftis

Special guest Mariangela Fremura will give a talk about the current Fire Barn Gallery show “New York Cityscapes by Mariangela Fremura and Tyler Loftis".

Before becoming a painter and art historian, her early creative pursuits included 3 feature films and a popular Italian sit-com, as well as a modeling career. But ultimately her passion was for fine art. Fremura grew up in Tuscany, Italy and studied in Florence and Rome where she received her Masters in art history before moving to New York to finish her art education. She now lives in New York City where she paints full-time.

"Mari has some kind of aura about her, like she's got this movie-star quality; and she's got this depth of knowledge and skill and experience about art, she's one of the finest painters I know." - gallery director Chris Protas.

Tyler Loftis, originally from Grand Haven, is the co-founder of the Fire Barn Gallery. He has lived and worked on his art in NYC for the last 17 years.

For this show, Protas asked Loftis and Fremura to make paintings of the city. "There's an endless resource there, I wanted to see how differently they would tackle the subject". Mariangela will speak at 7pm at the opening for this show. This will be an extremely rare opportunity for people to hear this artist talk about her remarkable life.

Show opening Thursday, December 11, 6-8pm at Fire Barn Gallery.

Mariangela Fremura - Untitled 2014
2014 Indie Rock Music Festival, Grand Haven, MI
Bold Nature

See press release here

Modern Color - Tyler Loftis and Paul Resika

See Press Release Here

See Exhibition Catalog Here

Read two reviews here:

A Timeless Conversation on Colors

Review by Thaddeus Radell

A Day's Art:Loch Hame and The Lower East Side, April 12, 2014, NYC

See press release here


Going ape (naked) for one day!

A Day’s Art with Live Nude Model

Loch Hame at Fire Barn Gallery, March 8, 2014, Grand Haven, MI

Congratulations to 2AA artists winnning in ArtPrize 2013 and ArtWalk 2013!

Kyle Staver - Europa

Kyle Staver's painting "Europa and the Flying Fish" wins $20,000 prize - Artprize 2013 juried 2D award; juror John Yau, editor of Hyperallergic Weekend.

Steve Kurtz wins Artwalk 2013 Muskegon Museum of Art award, presented by Judith Hayner and Art Martin, Executive Director and Associate Curator of MMA. Steve also won first place juried 3D award; jurors Kerri Vanderhoff, Go-Site Project Director of GRAM and adjunct professor of film/video at GVSU, and Eddie Tadlock, Assistant GM of Devos Hall and GRAM board member.

Janice Nowinski wins Artwalk 2013 second prize juried 2D award; jurors Kerri Vanderhoff, Go-Site Project Director of GRAM and adjunct professor of film/video at GVSU, and Eddie Tadlock, Assistant GM of Devos Hall and GRAM board member.

Marc Hoeksema wins Artwalk 2013 first prize juried photography award; jurors Kerri Vanderhoff, Go-Site Project Director of GRAM and adjunct professor of film/video at GVSU, and Eddie Tadlock, Assistant GM of Devos Hall and GRAM board member.

Second Ave Arts presents...

The 5th Annual Indie Rock Music Festival kicks off with a special solo performance by Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe, Friday Sept. 27 8pm

Grand Haven Indie Rock Music Festival


In fifth year, Grand Haven Indie Rock Fest expands scope

20 NYC artists to show in two Michigan art festivals: Grand Rapids ArtPrize and Grand Haven Artwalk

September 18 - October 6, 2013

2aa NYC Artists

See artist bios here

See press release here

See images and where to view the work in Grand Rapids ArtPrize


See images and where to view the work in Grand Haven Artwalk


Shelley Irwin - NPR

A group of twenty-plus artists from New York City blur the lines between ArtPrize and ArtWalk

Grand Haven ArtWalk to again bring ArtPrize-inspired event to Lakeshore

ArtPrize 2013 juried award artists react to winning $20,000 prizes

Tyler Loftis at Bowery Gallery in Chelsea July 30 - August 17, 2013. Opening reception Thursday, August 1, 5-8 pm

Tyler Loftis at Bowery Gallery
Tyler Loftis at Fire Barn Gallery


Shelley Irwin Morning Show - NPR

Tyler Loftis Exhibit Opens At Fire Barn Gallery In Grand Haven - WZZM13

Local Grand Haven Painter Making It Big - FOX17

New York City artist to show paintings at Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven - mlive

Artist-in-Residency: Grand Haven’s Tyler Loftis -


Second Ave Arts is a full-service bespoke art advisory firm that focuses on modern and contemporary art that has handled and sold numerous works of Post-war and Contemporary art. The owner, Michael Coleman has been a historian of fine art through his studies at Dartmouth College, New York Studio School, and his extensive travels throughout Europe. Michael has curated over a hundred shows from even more artists over the past decade and is the primary dealer for NYC artist and All Art Works founder, Tyler Loftis.

Adam Dahlstrom

Adam Dahlstrom is from Grand Haven, MI and lives there with his partner and 3 daughters. He studied at Columbia College (Chicago), Kingston University (Kingston-upon-Thames, England), and received his BFA in printmaking from Grand Valley State University (Allendale, MI). He has lived and worked mainly in West Michigan with time spent in Chicago, London, New Haven (CT), and two years in New York City. He has exhibited frequently along the coast of Lake Michigan, winning many awards at the Muskegon Museum of Art, Holland Area Arts Council, and other regional venues. Adam Dahlstrom's recent work includes a large scale mural commissioned by the Herrick District Library in Holland, MI. Adam has collaborated with multiple New York artists on projects, including an exceptionally brilliant series of drawings done with NY artist Dov Talpaz depicting scenes from some of their favorite books, Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien and Dune by Frank Herbert. His work is included in many private collections both in West Michigan and New York City.

  • Adam Dahlstrom
    Clementines Perfect Circle

    mixed media collage 14" x 18"

  • Adam Dahlstrom
    Magic Mountain

    mixed media collage 6" x 8"

  • Adam Dahlstrom
    Small Magic

    mixed media collage 9" x 7"

  • Adam Dahlstrom
    Untitled (Triangles)

    mixed media 9" x 6"

  • Adam Dahlstrom
    Little Guy

    oil pastel on wood 16" x 12"

  • Adam Dahlstrom
    Landscape Study

    acrylic on canvas 22" x 38"

Chris Protas

Chris Protas is originally from Norwich, Vermont. He went to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle for a year in the early 90’s, then moved back to the east coast to attend The New York Studio School (1996-2000). After fourteen years in New York City, he now divides his time between NYC and Grand Haven, Michigan. He co-directed a fine art gallery in Grand Haven for four years (2012-16). Recent solo shows include Kendall College and The Fire Barn Gallery, both in Michigan and he has exhibited in many group shows in Michigan and New York City. Chris is part of the 'Painting in NY' group that has exhibited five times throughout Manhattan since the mid 2000's.

'My paintings don't necessarily have a simple narrative story. Instead of a comic book that can carry on a story for months over many issues, I try to include different pieces and times of a story in a single frame. Hopefully to produce more of a feeling of a story than a literal interpretation of a story. Almost like taking the essential aspects and by showing the moments together they in turn tell more of a universal story - the moral of the story, or something humorously and irreverently equivalent.' - Chris Protas

  • Chris Protas
    Industrious Girl with Spider

    2015 oil on canvas 5' x 6'

  • Chris Protas
    Two Awesome People

    2015 oil on canvas 5' x 6'

  • Chris Protas

    2014 oil on canvas 6' x 5'

  • Chris Protas
    Falling Asleep

    2015 oil on canvas 6' x 5'

  • Chris Protas
    A Truly Great Performance

    2012 oil on wood 18" x 14"

  • Chris Protas
    Brooklyn Apartment

    2009 oil on canvas 7" x 10"

  • Chris Protas
    It's All Written Right Here

    2011 oil on canvas 20" x 14"

Aref Rahman

NYC Photographer

"I am a photographer who is roaming around, clicking pictures one at a time – finding the beauty it carries. I have traveled a piece of the world. Speak about five languages. I find beauty in unexpected places by riding the subway and biking. I find my inspiration here in New York City. This place is full of unexpected sights. Not limited to Manhattan but the other boroughs' hidden gems also." -Aref

Tim Kurtz

Tim Kurtz graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a Masters Degree in painting and drawing with a focus on abstract art, studying under Ray Yoshida, an important artist of the Chicago Imagism movement. Tim's early career focused on abstract painting and design work for multiple businesses he started, as well as design for textile, clothing, and furniture companies including Herman Miller. Since 2009, Tim has made hundreds of realistic Civil War battlefield paintings that are now in multiple museums across America and many private collections. Currently Tim's studio practice consists of working on both abstract work (painting and collage) and realistic paintings of the Civil War era with a masterful fluidity moving from one genre of painting to the other. Tim has exhibited throughout the Midwest America as well as New York, Chicago, London, Zurich, and Sri Lanka. Tim lives and works in Grand Haven, Michigan.

  • Tim Kurtz
    Arkansas Chicken

    2016 oil on linen 14” x 17"

  • Tim Kurtz
    Esperanto (Herman Miller I)

    2004 acrylic on canvas board 18" x 24"

  • Tim Kurtz
    Untitled (Blue)

    acrylic paint and collage 12" x 18"

  • Tim Kurtz
    The Room Where It Happened

    1998 oil on wood 15" x 17"

  • Tim Kurtz

    1999 oil on wood 14" x 10"

  • Tim Kurtz
    Untitled (Herman Miller II)

    2004 acrylic on canvas board 18" x 24"

  • Tim Kurtz
    Michigan Cavalry I

    2011 oil on linen 14" x 17"

  • Tim Kurtz
    Michigan Cavalry II

    2012 oil on linen 14" x 17"

Steve Kurtz

Sculptor - West Michigan

Images of his last show HERE

Steve Kurtz, born in Livonia, Michigan, has been working and living in West Michigan since earning his BFA at Western Michigan University in 1994. His studio in the middle of nowhere, Michigan has been home, refuge, workspace, think tank for the past 19 years; a sculptural monastery of sorts. His work often speaks of the relationship between nature and machine, the individual and mechanic. With a fluid understanding of multiple materials, Steve's sculptures are largely a commentary of these relationships, with an undeniable sense of the artist, his vision, hope, and humor. Steve has been in many juried shows and has had multiple solo exhibits in Michigan, his most recent at the Fire Barn Gallery in October 2012. Other recent exhibits include the traveling show "There and Back Again" in Holland, Grand Haven, and Grand Rapids, MI, several Muskegon Museum juried shows, and Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Juried show.

Steve Kurtz and some of his work

  • Steve Kurtz
  • Steve Kurtz
    Untitled Machine

    1992 steel & various material 14” x 19” x 19”

  • Steve Kurtz

    2001 (pic 1) steel, fiberglass & various materials 16’h

  • Untitled

    2001 (pic 2) steel, fiberglass & various materials 16’h

  • Food Tray

    1993 ceramic 12” x 17” x 1”

  • Super Safety Suit

    1993 rubber & various materials 85” x 48” x 48”

  • Running Machine

    1992 steel & various materials 51” x 24” x 24”

  • Broken Ball

    1993 stainless steel & various materials 9”h

  • One Wheeled Robot

    (front) 1992 various materials 18’ x 6” x 4”

  • One Wheeled Robot

    (back) 1992 various materials 18’ x 6” x 4”

  • Untitled

    2009 steel 99”h

  • Untitled

    2009 steel 85"h

  • Propeller Hat

    1993 aluminum, steel & various materials 15” x 27” x 27”

  • Flying Machine #3

    1994 steel, wood & canvas 64” x 46” x 24”

  • Untitled

    2003 steel, aluminum & fiberglass 97” x 65” x 65”

Tyler Loftis

Painter - NYC

Tyler was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He moved to New York City to attend the New York Studio School (1996-98, 2000-02.) He then studied anatomy at The New York Academy of Art in Tribeca, NYC. He has spent several years studying in Italy and now lives and paints in the East Village. Tyler is founder of the Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven, Michigan as well as the creator of the Collectors Show, a biannual fine art exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan in partnership with ArtPrize. His work is in private collections in New York City, West Michigan, and Europe. Along with many group and solo show in New York, Tyler also shows his work in Manhattan with a group he founded called Painting in New York.

Select Exhibitions

  • Current Painting: Tyler Loftis, Chris Protas, Ellen Trumbo. Box Gallery at Knox College. Galesburg, Illinois. Feb 9 - March 8, 2017.
  • Painting in NY Sixth Show. Leigh Morse Fine Arts, NY, NY. December 8, 2016 - January 7, 2017.
  • Water - Lennart Anderson, Heinz Lechner, Tyler Loftis, Louisa Matthiasdottir, Paul Resika. Leigh Morse Fine Arts, NY, NY. July 28 - August 29, 2015
  • Tyler Loftis: Recent Paintings. Leigh Morse Fine Arts, NY, NY. May 7 - June 6, 2015
  • American Painting. Lennart Anderson, Robert DeNiro Sr., Arthur Dove, Mark Rothko, Tyler Loftis, John Marin, Louissa Matthiasdottir, Paul Resika. Leigh Morse Fine Arts, NY, NY. Nov. 16 - Dec. 6, 2014
  • Modern Color: Paintings by Paul Resika and Tyler Loftis. Leigh Morse Fine Arts, NY, NY. May 14 - June 21, 2014
  • ArtPrize 2013; Grand Rapids, MI. 2013
  • Tyler Loftis: Painting: Fire Barn Gallery, Grand Haven, MI. 2013
  • Bowery Gallery Annual Juried Show, Joan Snyder, juror; NY, NY. 2013
  • Painting in NY Fifth Show Chelsea, NY. 2010
  • There and Back Again traveling show: Holland, Grand Haven, and Grand Rapids, MI. 2009-2010
  • Bowery Gallery Annual Juried Show, Paul Resika, juror; NY, NY. 2009
  • Winter Invitational Show The Painting Center, NY, NY. 2006
  • Tyler Loftis - The Artist Couple
    The Artist Couple

    2015 acrylic on linen 48" x 60"

  • Tyler Loftis - Lake Michigan
    Lake Michigan

    2015 oil on canvas 22" x 26"

  • Tyler Loftis - Before The Storm
    Before The Storm

    2015 oil on canvas 18" x 24"

  • Tyler Loftis - Houston Street 2
    Houston Street II

    2013 oil on canvas 20" x 16"

  • Tyler Loftis - Dunes

    2014 oil on canvas 36" x 48"

  • Tyler Loftis
    The Beginning

    2012 oil on canvas 76” X 94”

  • Tyler Loftis

    2013 oil on canvas 24” X 18”

  • Tyler Loftis - Backyard

    2013 oil on canvas 20" x 16"

  • Tyler Loftis
    Girl at Window

    2007 oil on canvas 40” X 30”

  • Tyler Loftis - Spring

    2015 oil on canvas 9" x 12"

  • Tyler Loftis - Painter...
    Painter in the Studio with Coffee and Beer

    2015 acrylic on canvas 12" x 12"

  • Tyler Loftis - The Composer
    The Composer

    2014 oil on canvas 28" x 22"

Lynette Lombard

Lynette Lombard received her MFA from Yale University, B.A.Honours from Goldsmiths’ College of Art, University of London and attended the New York Studio School for two years. She is a Professor of Art at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. Lombard has received Mellon Grants to Berlin and Spain, the Philip Green Wright-Lombard Award for Distinguished Teaching, Research grants from Knox College and was a finalist for the Gottlieb prize. She is represented by the Bowery Gallery, NY, Confluence Collective in Spain, the Midwest Paint Group and Seven on Site, a group of American landscape painters.

  • Lynette Lombard - Cariatiz Dusk III
    Cariatiz Dusk III

    2016 oil on linen 46" x 58"

  • Lynette Lombard - Night Moves
    Night Moves

    2014-15 oil on linen 58" x 77"

  • Lynette Lombard - Chautauqua Tree, Storm
    Chautauqua Tree, Storm

    2012-15 oil on canvas 30" x 30"

  • Lynette Lombard - Wheat Dusk
    Wheat Dusk

    2013-15 oil on linen 43" x 48"

  • Lynette Lombard - Rock Slide
    Rock Slide

    2017 oil on linen 32" x 40"

  • Lynette Lombard - Morning Cliffs
    Morning Cliffs

    2017 oil on linen 18" x 20"

  • Lynette Lombard - Big Horn Range
    Big Horn Range

    2016 oil on canvas 41" x 50"

  • Lynette Lombard - Winter Banking
    Winter Banking

    2017 oil on canvas 30" x 24"

  • Lynette Lombard - Afloat

    2016 oil on canvas 26" x 26"

Marc Hoeksema

Marc has been practicing fine art photography for over twenty years, traveling through America many times over. He has a BA in studio art from Hope College and has run his own business and fine art gallery in West Michigan. With a minimalist sensibility and a keen eye for light and shadow, Marc's photos have a powerful, yet elegant presence. He has exhibited in many solo, group, and juried shows throughout the Midwest and is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for his fine art photography, especially his black and white silver prints.

Mariangela Fremura

Mariangela Fremura, born and raised in Livorno, Italy, now lives in the East Village of NYC. Her studies have taken her to the American Academy in Florence (1999), The University of Rome (Masters Degree in Art History, 2000) and to the New York Studio School (2000-2002.) While a student in Italy, she was an assistant to the painter Paul Harbutt, and painted the set design for a production of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” at the Coliseum Theatre in Rome. Her shows in NYC include: Painting in NY Fifth Show, Chelsea, 2010, Bowery Gallery Annual Juried Show, 2009, Pianting in NY Fourth Show, NYC, and In Spiritus RKL Gallery, Brooklyn, 2005.

  • Mariangela Fremura

    2017 oil on canvas 36" X 24"

  • Mariangela Fremura
    Portrait of a Girl with Roses

    2015 oil on canvas 16" X 12"

  • Mariangela Fremura
    Fanny as Frida

    2015 oil on canvas 24" X 18"

  • Mariangela Fremura
    Tompkins Square Park

    2014 oil on canvas 24" X 24"

  • Mariangela Fremura

    2012 oil on canvas 14” X 11”

  • Mariangela Fremura

    2013 oil on canvas 60” X 36”

  • Mariangela Fremura

    2012 oil on canvas 24” X 30”

  • Mariangela Fremura

    2012 oil on canvas 60” X 48”

  • Mariangela Fremura

    2012 oil on canvas 12” X 9”

  • Mariangela Fremura

    2011 oil on canvas 10” X 8”

  • Mariangela Fremura
    Young Diana

    2012 oil on canvas 36” X 24”

Dov Talpaz

Dov Talpaz was born in College Station, Texas, and grew up in Herzliya, Israel. He studied at The New York Studio School from 1999-2002 with artists; Mercedes Matter and Rosemary Beck. He worked as an assistant to the painter Paul Resika from 2003 to 2010. He currently works in Brooklyn, NY and is preparing for a solo show in Vienna for the Fall 2016 and a solo show in Brooklyn for Spring 2017.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2017 - Slag Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (upcoming)
  • 2014 - “Studio Show” Two-person exhibition with Tyler Loftis, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2013 - “Art of Collaboration” Two-person show with artist Adam Dahlstrom, Holland Arts Council, Holland, Michigan
  • 2011 - “Tale of a Horse” Speak Easy Show Space, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2008 - “Painting show” Manhattan World Culture Open Center, New York

Selected Group shows

  • 2015 - “Painting in Trees” Brooklyn Peoples Garden, curated by Ben Pritchard, Ben La Rocco and Linnea Paskow, New York
    - “Small Goods”, Projekt722 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2014 - “Preliminary Study: RSI-T” curated by Naomi Lev, Slag Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. Muskegon Museum of Art, Michigan.
    - Lafontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    - “Never mind the Bullocks” Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2013 - “Figure Show” Fire Barn Gallery, Grand Haven, Michigan
  • 2012 - “Five Stones” group show, Merhav Leomanut Art Space, Jaffa, Israel
    - “MIC-CHECK” group show, Side Show Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
    - “Working it Out” group exhibition, The Painting Center, New York
  • 2011 - “Painting in New York” Fifth group show, curated by Lori Bookstein & Lauren Bakoian, New York
  • 2009 - “Juried Show”, Bowery Gallery, New York
    - “There and Back Again” Holland Area Arts Council Gallery, Michigan
    - “Sanctuary Folk Art”, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"My paintings and drawings derive from text; through stories and poems figures appear and create a new story, one that is made through my personal experiences and encounters. My fascination is with the story itself and the life that is reflected through it." - Dov Talpaz

  • Dov Talpaz
    Dinner with Dad

    2014 paper collage 23" x 24"

  • Dov Talpaz
    Parents First Car

    2014 paper collage 5" x 7"

  • Dov Talpaz
    Hovav in Kitchen

    2013 paper collage 7" x 5"

  • Dov Talpaz

    2014 paper collage 11" x 12"

  • Dov Talpaz
    Ivan's Room (Meeting the Devil)

    2014 paper collage 36" x 24"

  • Dov Talpaz
    Leonard C

    2014 oil on wood 20" x 16"

  • Dov Talpaz
    Time Bandits

    2015 oil on wood 20" x 16"

  • Dov Talpaz
    T. Monk

    2015-16 oil on wood 14" x 11"

  • Dov Talpaz
    Untitled (On top of Tyler's figure)

    2013-14 mixed media on paper 10" x 8"

  • Dov Talpaz

    2015 oil on wood 14" x 18"